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for home, industry, and the arts.

For over 30 years INSTANT JET™, SUPER JET™, and SLOW JET™ have set the standard for instant glues. Developed to withstand the heat and vibration common in flying model airplanes, JET’s industrial-grade strength makes it ideal for use in mold making, auto repair, ceramic to metal bonds, wood working, trade show displays, jewelry making, prototyping, set design, electronics, and a wide range of craft projects and household repairs.

JET™ glues are available in three viscosities and economical sizes ranging from 1/4 ounce to 1 pound.
Volume pricing to distributors, retailers and manufacturers.

fastest set, penetrates and reinforces porous materials, excellent as a corrosive-resistant finish, useful for “tack” gluing and various final bonds
medium viscosity, exceptional strength, and gap-filling capabilities, ideal for nearly all instant-bond situations
“thickest” version provides maximum gap-filling, extra strength for laminations and high-stress areas, allows a few extra seconds for repositioning

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